Expandable Polypropylene - EPPX

Expanded Polypropylene EPPX is a foamed copolymer designed for injection processing
– for common use in industry.

  • Nazwa handlowa


  • Struktura materiału


  • Typ wyrobu

    Tworzywo termoplastyczne

  • Rodzaje surowca w ofercie

    EPPX 27-33 gr/l; EPPX 30-36 gr/l; EPPX 35-50 gr/l

  • Zastosowanie

    Produkcja elementów, formatek i opakowań o podwyższonej odporności. Produkt do powszechnego zastosowania w przedmyśle.

EPPX raw material is offered in the form of foamed polypropylene microgranules containing a foaming agent. Physico-chemical properties, antibacterial properties, amount of blowing agent and color can be adjusted on customer’s request. Product for common use in industry.
The product can be 100% recyclable.

Basic features.

high flexibility

high mechanical energy damping capacity

a wide range of weight of the raw material enabling a wide range of applications

increased mechanical resistance